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On September 19, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in the Dominican Republic. The storms associated with Fiona caused flooding, damage to buildings and roads, power outages, and an interruption to water service.
We have mostly good news out of our home in the DR. All of the pequenos and staff are safe!
NPH-DR did, however, sustain significant damage to their greenhouse. The greenhouse is used to grow vegetables, which are an important source of food for the children. Many fruit trees (also an important source of food for the children) were lost. And the home is currently without power. As of September 20, they are waiting on electric company personnel to repair lines that were damaged as a result of heavy winds and rain.
NPH-DR could use our help. Funds generated by way of this fundraiser will be sent directly to NPH-DR. They will be used to address immediate safety and wellness concerns.



In-Country Projects!


Return in January 2023 


A donation of $2000.00 will have you as a participant on one of our group projects. This donation, which will receive a tax receipt,  includes your accommodations and meals and all transportation within the country.

Air fare is NOT included but will be arranged. 


Projects run during January, February and March of 2023 with one week, 10-day and two week duration.



Inquire about our student teams!     




Peru Crew 2023


January 27 - February 10 


Sun Shelters, Fencing for farm animals - this is bigger than it sounds!!


Carpentry and maintenance projects,

Repainting mural of Father Wasson on the front gate.                   
Sewing machine maintenance/repairs,

Helping with farm projects, Improvements to Canada house

We are looking for a creative fun project for the week to do with the kids - bring on the ideas! 


For further information please contact

Traci Blair -   [email protected]





Dominican Republic Farm Team 2023


Tentative Dates - February 25 - March 11


We are looking for persons with some knowledge, skill, experience in anything agricultural. Our home in DR has two properties to improve upon growing food to sustain our family. 


In February 2023, we wish to take a team of up to 25 people to consult and work with our NPH staff in enhancing the productivity of the farmland. You will also meet the children, joinin activities, participate in some maintenance work and see some of the beautiful island.


Want to join? Know someone who may want to join? Not really into farming but want to join? No problem!!


For more information, please contact 

Ken - [email protected]

Joy - [email protected]






Sponsor A Child or the OneFamily Program

100% of ALL Sponsorship donations go directly to the homes




Support an In-Country Project

This support will be for ongoing projects  interrupted by the pandemic




COVID-19 Recovery Funds

Donations will fund day-to-day operations directly impacted by COVID-19











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We strive to provide homes in which the children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.


We pride ourselves in our low administration fees!



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Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!