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Friends of the Orphans Canada's (FOTOCAN) mission is to provide homes in which the children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.


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Crisis in Haiti 

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February 14, 2019
This just in from Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, medical director St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Due to heavy rioting and protests, Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas that include St. Damien Pediatric Hospital have been on lockdown since February 7. Since then, St. Damien has been functioning in emergency mode, with the managing staff being present at all times to coordinate activities and keep the hospital open and functioning 24/7.
St. Damien continues to provide high quality care to all children in need and women in labor. We have removed admission criteria due to the impossibility of referring women in labor elsewhere. We continued to provide chronically ill children with life-saving care, including medication, and meals.
We are also providing transportation via ambulances for all employees, most of whom have graciously accepted to work 24-hour straight shifts in order to minimize movement and traffic.
As a result of these emergency measures, our fuel reserves are quickly diminishing, which will soon lead to power shortages and difficulties with transportation.
St. Damien is accruing additional expenses for meals for all employees—even for certain patients’ family members—and housing for employees who are obliged to remain in the hospital until the following morning in order to reduce fuel consumption and maximize safety by making fewer daytime trips. 
We are facing tremendous challenges. We ask for your generous donations in order to remain open and continue providing care to this population in distress.


There is no water for the children at St. Helene. Kenson is using the hospital ambulance to look for water, gas, and other supplies.

The specific appeal from NPH Haiti is for funds to cover the great increase in expenses for the current situation. It will take time for things to return to normal.

Our FOTOCAN office has approved a $25,000.00USD donation. You may contribute here online, or by calling our office at the number below.








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Peru PE-01-19
February 04, 2019
Bishop Macdonell Team 1 - high school will be venturing on a project in Peru. This is the first of three teams.
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Welcome to Winter 2019
January 23, 2019 | by: Joy King

SO... we're well into January, past  "Blue Monday" and FOTOCAN will begin its projects this weekend!

Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico will be hosting Canadian student and adult teams. All teams are reportedly FULL!

  I will be departing for DR on Saturday and then straight to Mexico, FOTOCAN's first project in that country, on February 5. Hopeful...

Merry Christmas!
December 18, 2018 | by: Joy King

Forgive me for not blogging in November. I spent 24 glorious days in Puerta Plata on vacation with my husband. Ah, the joy of being retired! 

Okay, so maybe you won't forgive me.


As this year wraps up, we are pleased to be sending 8 teams out to our homes in 2019. We are dismayed that Nicaragua cannot be visited because of our govenrments's travel ban t...


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