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Friends of the Orphans Canada's (FOTOCAN) mission is to provide homes in which the children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.


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Our President’s Christmas 2018 Challenge…. Are you up for it?

 For years, Friends has offered sponsorships for $35 per month. This was the standard in order to make the same statement that most charities promote, “...for the cost of a cup of coffee a day…”. When did you last buy a cup of coffee for $1? I mean, one that didn’t make you gag. 

My first sponsorship started 11 years ago. If we assume an average inflation of 2.5% each of those years, I should raise my sponsorship to $45.92 per month in order that we can provide the same level of support. Inflation is slowly eating away at the budgets that feed, shelter and educate the children. We should try to catch up. 


I have volunteered to raise the sponsorship of each of my sponsored children to $55 per month and I challenge each of you to follow me if you are able to, and to the level that you are able to. Our sponsor application form will still show the same $35 because we are told that is the special number required to start new sponsors. Now that we have you started as a sponsor, I am applying this not so-subtle pressure to raise your donation. 


I sure hope some of you are blessed enough to afford a better cup of coffee for yourself and have enough left to boost your sponsorship too. Boosting your sponsorship is easy. 


Operators are standing by!,…well,…actually, it’s Margaret, Margaret is standing by! Just give her a call at 519-763-9560 or email her at


Many thanks for your support: past, present and future,


Andy Ross









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Peru PE-01-19
February 04, 2019
Bishop Macdonell Team 1 - high school will be venturing on a project in Peru. This is the first of three teams.
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Welcome to Winter 2019
January 23, 2019 | by: Joy King

SO... we're well into January, past  "Blue Monday" and FOTOCAN will begin its projects this weekend!

Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico will be hosting Canadian student and adult teams. All teams are reportedly FULL!

  I will be departing for DR on Saturday and then straight to Mexico, FOTOCAN's first project in that country, on February 5. Hopeful...

Merry Christmas!
December 18, 2018 | by: Joy King

Forgive me for not blogging in November. I spent 24 glorious days in Puerta Plata on vacation with my husband. Ah, the joy of being retired! 

Okay, so maybe you won't forgive me.


As this year wraps up, we are pleased to be sending 8 teams out to our homes in 2019. We are dismayed that Nicaragua cannot be visited because of our govenrments's travel ban t...


Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!