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Father Rick Frechette from Haiti.

FOTOCAN Annual General Meeting - May 6, 2017

NPH Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund project

On September 19th 2017, an earthquake of historic proportions devastated Mexico and shook the foundation of our NPH Mexico family. Although our children and staff are thankfully safe, the earthquake permanently destroyed or damaged an unprecedented number of buildings on our NPH Mexico properties, in Casa San Salvador (Miacatlan), Casa Buen Señor (Cuernavaca) and a home for youth transitioning to independent life.

Many of our children have been displaced from their sleeping areas and are studying in the open air until repairs can be made to their homes and schools. Civil engineers have inspected the property and already indicated that neither children nor staff enter certain buildings, including some our children’s homes, schools, recreational and dining areas.

Immediate support of $5 million is needed to repair damages from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake and provide our children a safe home and programs for their future.

To provide a perspective of the damage nation-wide, the Mexican government has released estimates of more than $2 billion in repairs across the country as the families and communities rebuild from the destruction.

Click here to view the NPH Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund project.

NPH Mexico

Dear NPH Family, I sincerely hope you are well after the recent earthquake that caused such terrible damage to our beloved Mexico. Fortunately, all of our children and staff at NPH Mexico are safe and sound, however, we need to carry out several actions that guarantee our safety because NPH Mexico’s facilities suffered serious damage.

Our homes in Miacatlán and Cuernavaca underwent severe impact. At this time we can not use the dining hall or the kitchen in our house at Miacatlán until they are repaired. We have 500 children eating outdoors in our main patio, and food is being prepared in a make-shift kitchen.

In Cuernavaca, we had to set up space to temporarily relocate our 60 young men because their dorms are not habitable until they are repaired.

Our Elementary and Middle School buildings also suffered damage and need urgent repair.

Parts of our facilities need to be demolished due to serious damage and others will need thorough reconstruction to guarantee our safety, as I mentioned above.

We are well aware of your generosity and your love for NPH Mexico’s family, and we know you will be with us at these times of emergency. We heartily thank you for your support. We need you more than ever!

To obtain a tax deductible receipt, please see our website donation page at:

Or if you are in Mexico:
I.B.P. Escuela Hogar Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, A.C.
Cuenta No. 396749, sucursal 107 de Banamex
CLABE: 002540010703967493
Para mayor información pueden comunicarse a nuestros teléfonos 01 777 333-5659, 01800-836-2388 y al correo
On behalf of our NPH Mexico family, I thank you for your valuable support.
Rafael Bermúdez Gutiérrez
National Director
NPH México

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

We help through fundraising, sponsorship and volunteer efforts in conjunction with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH)  Friends of the Orphans Canada has helped to support projects  at the NPH homes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are proud to assist over 3 500
children in our NPH homes

We are proud to assist over 3 500 children in our NPH homes

We facilitate sponsorships which provide direct financial assistance to the orphanage and enhance the childrens' lives with a loving connection outside the orphanage.

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