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Hello from Mexico!


October 5, 2021


Yes, we are still travelling! Left Nicaragua on the 28th of September and spent 4 days home before boarding another plane to Mexico City on October 3. This time, our trip to Mexico is a combined business and pleasure excursion - a retreat in Tulum and visiting Cuernavaca where I was teaching English for 3 months before COVID abruptly ended my 6 month commitment.


Peter and I are guests of Daniel, communications officer of NPH Mexico, and his wife, daughter and parents at their beautiful home in the south end of Cuernavaca.  We were greeted at the airport by Daniel and his father, David.


After settling in and getting acquainted with surroundings, Peter and I started our tour of the NPH facilities in Cuernavaca by visiting the Bachillerato and Casa Buen Señor, where I had been volunteer-teaching. Sergio, the principal of the school, escorted us through the buildings, as this was Peter's first time in Mexico and at the home. Students from the community were in attendance today in some of the classrooms and the NPH students, the internals, were studying and listening to the teacher via Microsoft Teams. (Some teachers were using Zoom and Google). The internals and externals alternate attending classes physically to keep Covid in check.


After leaving the school property, we continue our tour at the residence and see the pequeños watching the screens from the classrooms we have just left. The students are happy to be able to continue with their studies and the discipline is admirable. Life at the home for the students from 16-19 years old seems fairly normal. Some of the offices have become study halls as the majority of the staff works from home. A few of the girls remember me from February 2020 and it is great to see how much they have grown.


Thankfully, Cuernavaca students continue their day-to-day routines with the assistance of their caregivers and teachers. Tomorrow, we go to Miacatlan to the hacienda where the younger children live.




Your donations of funds are still very much appreciated to ensure all students continue to thrive and develop healthily in all facets of life!




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In-country projects are set to resume in 2022, providing government and health permissions are in place. If you wish to join us, please email Margaret at [email protected] to be placed on a waiting list. 






3639 children in our NPH homes

receiving food, clothing, health care and

education in a family environment




3834 children from low-income households receiving scholarships from NPH to attend school



(2020 statistics)



81,170 services provided by NPH through community outreach programs to strengthen families in their communities i





We strive to provide homes in which the children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.


We pride ourselves in our low administration fees!



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Three days after attending our godson's wedding, we return to Casa Padre Wasson to finish our work here. We will meet with Marlon regarding the future of Canadian projects in Nicaragua and will be looking into repairing or purchasing two large speakers for the church. 


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Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!