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Project Dates

  • No currently-planned projects.
  • If you are interested in participating in a project in this country, please contact the country coordinator.


Past Canadian Projects


  • February 2019, six women ventured to the original home of NPH in Mexico to assist in small projects and to get to know the staff and pequenos at two of the four locales of NPH. 
  • purchased and assisted planting of six new banana trees and three new mango trees for the farm at Miacatlan
  • assisted in school projects with the children - arts and crafts, flag making, math games
  • funded and participated in a pizza party for two of the sections of pequenos
  • purchased lunch for tour guides at a restaurant managed by a former pequeño who is now an international chef
  • made lists of possible projects for future teams but they had a great time getting to know Mexico and its colourful culture and people in interactions and day tours.

The Home in Mexico - Hacienda San Salvador


  • oldest and first home in the NPH family with its main facility in the town of Miacatlan south of Mexico City. 
  • an old, converted sugar plantation serves as the main facility for the large family of approximately 1,000 children
  • a small town in of itself with schools, chapel, dining hall, clinic, administrative buildings, gardens and its own farm.
  • 148 students attend the NPH vocational school in Cuenavaca and 70 young adults are attending university and living in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • another home was opened in the northern part of the country in 2008 and is home to 31 younger children.
  • dance and music troupe travel abroad to places in the U.S., Europe and Canada to raise funds for their family in Mexico.


Canadian Country Coordinator


[email protected]

Statistics Speak for Themselves


  • excellent educational system, with its own primary and secondary schools.
  • many of the paid teaching staff are former pequeños (those who were raised at the orphan home).
  • older children attend the NPH vocational school in Cuernavaca and learn a trade to support themselves. Many go on to university in Mexico City or Monterrey.
  • extracurricular activities are a valuable part of the pequeños’ days.
  • active sports program, Tae Kwon Do athletes.
  • in 1999, a program began to help the families living at the garbage dump of Milpillas, 15 minutes from the home of Miacatlán. The dump has since ceased operating, but still remains as a living community.
  • currently over 100 girls and boys are picked up by bus every day and brought to Miacatlán where they receive food and a shower before joining the rest of the NPH children in school.






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Volunteers meeting inside at Mexico


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