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Project Dates  -  February and March 2021



On May 11, 1994, Nicaragua became the fourth NPH-house in Central America. The house accommodates children of all ages,from newborns to young adults.

At its peak capacity, Casa Santiago and Casa Assis housed well over 300 children. In Casa Padre Wasson, there are 205 children registered with 45 attending university in Managua. New families are being accepted now that the government has reneged on an initiative regarding homeless babies placed with individual families.


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Statistics speak for themselves      


Casa Santa Teresa de Calcutta was our first major project. This house for visitors, which includes seven bedrooms with two showers each, a spacious kitchen, laundry and dining area, was finished by fall 2011. Since then, construction projects have included retaining walls, cement stairways and sidewalks in preparation for the rainy season. Solar power was installed at Casa Santa Teresa and the electrical infrastructure was updated for the entire complex. The greenhouse roof was recovered and another truck was purchased to add to the depleting fleet.


This past February, a team of 11 persons wnet to assist with several tasks. Some of our accomplishments and replenishments;

  • re-purposed a casa for children into a kindergarten complete with intricate paintings of scenery
  • purchased paint for Casa Santa Teresa (visitor house) and the new kindergarten house
  • painted all bedrooms in Casa Santa Teresa
  • purchased matresses, rugs and manipulatives for this room
  • assisted in working with clients at Casa Samaritano 
  • purchased a camera and manipulatives for use in Casa Samitano on the island as well as the new one opening on site
  • painted the exterior walls and scenic inside walls of Casa Samaritano
  • landscaping at Casa Azul, the hotel on Ometepe Island
  • purchased all new tires and hydraulic pump for the sole tractor at Casa Padre Wasson
  • purchased portable ultrasound and TENS machines and multiple therapeutic devices for Casa Samaritano's three sites
  • purchased two new computers for Casa Samaritano sites
  • attended church where the new piano, donated by Paul Dekker from Conway Furniture in Listowel, was played during the mass

We will continue to support our family in Nicaragua with another year of our 3-year commitment in agricultural and health initiatives.






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Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!