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NPH Guatemala began in 1996 with the temporary housing of children in Sacatepequez.  The school opened in 1997, and the children were moved to Chimaltenango.  Construction of an all-inclusive home began in early 2002 with the children moving to Casa San Andres in San Andres Itzapa in 2003.  Construction of the babies’ house was completed in 2006, vocational workshops were done in 2007, and the medical clinic completed in 2008. In 2009, a community scholarship program was started and it has become very successful, with 150 external students now being educated at NPH Guatemala.  


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After the construction of the school, simultaneous construction of the dormitories, kitchen, and dining hall occurred with the children moving to their new home in early 2003, all thanks to the fundraising by volunteers in Canada, and the active participation of these volunteers in the construction projects. 


FOTOCAN volunteers have participated in yearly projects at NPH Guatemala, Santa Ana, resulting in a truly impressive facility which meets the academic, medical, social, and emotional needs of 350 children.  In addition to the school, dormitories, and kitchen/dining hall, our volunteers have funded and assisted with the construction of:  an eight thousand square foot medical clinic, administrative offices, international volunteer houses, pig barn, laundry facility, playground, road construction, Montessori  School (2013), and most recently, short-term visitors house (2014).


Volunteers also contribute to smaller projects such as; maintenance, field work, food preparation for the children, landscaping, assisting in the school, and working with the special needs children in the Castillo Magico.  Future projects will be based on the needs of the home, with FOTOCAN making the decision as to which projects it will carry out.


Many of our long term volunteers have spent their year in this home!







Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!