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Protection, Prevention, Preparation



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Rationale and Inception of "One Family"


"At NPH we believe that every child needs a family, either within their community with family members, or in one of our homes. Both ways NPH works to support children and provide to them the best of the family: love, safety, nutritious food, health care, education, and a future.

For years, the work that NPH does within homes has been well known among collaborators, sponsors, and donors, but perhaps more unknown is the part that has been evolving organically while we look for the best options for the well-being of each child according to their particular situation. Thus, little by little our programs focused on reintegration and support in the community were born


These programs, in recent years, have taken on more scope and prevalence strengthened by the UN's approach in 2015 with its Sustainable Development Goals, with which it hopes to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Now NPH not only offers a home to children who for various reasons cannot be with their families, now we act directly on the root of those causes, to prevent their rights from being violated in the first place and they must be separated from their families of origin.


Focused on Protection that includes Preventative programs...


 Transitional Homes: We welcome children and adolescents into a family environment in the short   term while their families are in the process of evaluation and follow-up on the awaited court verdict.

Traditional Homes: We welcome children and adolescents in a family environment until their independence or improvement of circumstances. We welcome with the hope of offering a solid family where they feel loved and to which they belong beyond their age of independence.

NPH OneFamily:             

(reintegration program for the children of the homes)

       We actively monitor the search for an extended family or support for the one that exists, in order to reintegrate the child and/or children if the circumstances that have separated them disappear or improve.

         Once reintegrated, NPH OneFamily continues to support and monitor the process so that the rights of the child or youth are not violated again.
  Family Reintegration: There are many reasons for family reintegration or integration into society: graduation and culmination of academic and/or professional education, turning 18 and wishing to start an independent life and many more.

    With these programs we make a positive impact on the factors that cause inequality in the communities with the hope of achieving healthier communities where children can develop in the healthiest, happiest way and with access to opportunities that break the cycle of poverty and empower them.


  • Community Centers
  • Community Centers for Disability Care
  • Child Care Centers                                                                 
  • NPH Community Schools
  • External Clinics                  
  • St Damien Hospital
  • Scholarship Program
  • Parental training Programs                      


NPH OneFamily now exists in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru. In NPH Nicaragua,  forty-one  children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 years were reintegrated with parents, grandparents, or older siblings at the end of 2020 by a decision by government.


Preparation for Success...


  1.       increase the program by one third, reintegrating 33 children and youth in Guatemala, Honduras and Peru and expanding the family reintegration program to other homes in 2021.
  2.       conduct an analysis and evaluation of the family reintegration process and follow-up on the challenges from the past year.
  3.       improve our training so that parents put into practice the knowledge acquired in the “Escuela para Padres” (School for Parents) workshops. 
  4.       provide the parental training in a personalized way, to respond to the individual needs and challenges presented by each family group.  carry
  5.      out training workshops that allow the strengthening of knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote innovative actions that generate a  climate of trust and good communication within the family groups.
  6.       create general activities with the beneficiaries and parents of the NPH OneFamily program, to encourage healthy coexistence among them. 
  7.       identify organizations that work with productive projects in order to incorporate family groups and help increase their economic self-sustainability and independence.
  8.       strengthen the active participation of family groups in social and community development.and empower families to seek development opportunities and thus become agents of change for their own family group.


                                                                                  January  20, 2021 report, on behalf of the local and international NPH OneFamily teams by Markus Streit