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The Many Faces and Facets of FOTOCAN


It began in 1954, when a young German-American priest rescued a young boy from jail, who had stolen money from the offerings of Father William Wasson's church. One home for eight homeless boys grew into nine homes in each of nine Latin American countries! They became "Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos", Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters". In the 1970's, Father Wasson invited some Canadian farmers to assist him with the agricultural practices of these homes to foster independence and self sustainability. Upon their return, the farmers began a small group adopting the name "Friends of the Orphans Canada!


Now celebrating 66 years of growth!





Testament to the Success of a Simple Philosophy 


Dr. Michael Maccoby, close friend of Fr. William Wasson and the NPH International Leadership Advisor, explains the philosophy that has made Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos successful for over 65 years. For subtitles in Spanish, click on CC icon.





Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.


Changing the World One Life at a Time

We help through fundraising, sponsorship and volunteer efforts mainly in conjunction with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH). Friends of the Orphans Canada (FOTOCAN) has helped to support projects at the NPH homes in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

We are expanding to include other parts of the world and within Canada where children need our services and support.

We also organize volunteer work projects, whereby Canadian volunteers have the opportunity to travel to help in a project for 1-2 weeks, living within the area and assisting with a variety of available projects.

Ever consider donating as a gift? You can send a loved one on a project to one of our homes, sponsor a child for one year, or make a straight donation toward one of our many projects within each home. Call our office today for that special gift!



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Changing the world one life at a time.


You Can Help When You



Join a Volunteer Work Project
  • 1 or 2 weeks in duration
  • groups of 10 - 30 people per project
  • usually occur in winter months of January, February and March, some in October
  • engage in small "c" construction work, painting, maintenance, odd jobs in plumbing, welding, carpentry, wiring, cleaning, farming, repairing, landscaping, tutoring
  • participate in the customs, food and culture of an NPH way of life and a developing country with the staff and children of our homes
  • visit local attractions to learn more about the history and culture of the country
  • highly recommended for people of ALL ages and abilities
  • join a group or create your own - families, students, employers(es), retirees, company team- building

Apply as a volunteer >>


Sponsor a Child
  • choose one or more children from the nine countries to support financially
  • 100% of your funds go directly to the sponsorship program
  • send and receive personal correspondence from your sponsored children
  • have the opportunity to meet your child in his/her country of residence

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Support through Personal Donations
  • monetarily (in memoriam, Christmas and holiday donations, wedding or anniversary)
  • Legacy donations

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Support through a Business or Company
  • corporate sponsorships available in exchange for advertising

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Become a Long Term Volunteer
  • live in one of our homes for one year acting in a position of assistance to that home
  • meet the children, staff and locals as well as other long-term volunteers from countries around the world.

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Nine countries that need your help!





Over 6000 wonderful volunteers playing an integral role in the growing NPH family.


Children in our NPH homes


3500 children in our NPH homes receiving food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment.


Dollars raised


20000000 dollars and counting raised! Thank you for your kindness and support!





Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!