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Making a Difference 
One Life at a Time.


Project Dates 

  • No currently-planned projects.

  • If you are interested in participating in a project in this country, please contact the country coordinator


Past Canadian Projects

  •  2016 when a small group visited to do projects involving crafts with the children and gardening. 


The Home in Honduras - Rancho Santa Fe

  • located less than an hour from the capital.
  • second oldest of the NPH homes having opened in 1985
  • over 400 children reside in the home with an additional 100 youths living and studying in the capital city.
  • Montessori-based preschool, elementary school and junior high school.
  • houses many vocation workshops, has its own farm with cattle, chickens and pigs.
  •  make their own cheese, tortillas and bread plus they have vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. 


Canadian Country Coordinator

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Statistics speak for themselves

  •  wooded oasis in the hills—a metropolis in comparison to the surrounding quiet pueblos—while an additional one hundred youths study and live in the capital, Tegucigalpa.​
  •  fifteen minute walk down to our Montessori-based kindergarten and elementary school while the older youths head for the on-site junior high school and trade workshops.
  • we need to produce the 45,000 tortillas consumed monthly. Aside from the farm, NPH Honduras also boasts a model greenhouse and vegetable gardens.
  • children are often seen helping harvest cucumbers or turning the dirt in the garden before they return to the houses to finish homework and play.
  • Casa Pasionista, belonging to the order of Passionist Priests,  is a hospice for adults living in the final stages of AIDS. Ailing parents can be with their children as their health deteriorates, comforted by the knowledge that after their death, their children will have a secure home with NPH.
  • Casa Eva is a rest home for elderly adults who previously had no one to care for them until coming to NPH.
  • These loved grandparents are included in "the Ranch" activities and add a wonderful balance to our growing family. 
  • In Tegucigalpa, Casa de los Ángeles provides 24-hour care for over fifteen children with severe disabilities. The children also receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
  • Pasos Pequeñitos, a children's daycare center, specifically seeks to help single mothers in difficult circumstances who need extra assistance in caring for their children.




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