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The  project for 2014 was the Visitors' Casa.  Team members  assisted with various smaller projects in the school, the visitors house, the children's home, the farm and the grounds. In the evenings the volunteers had the opportunity to spend time with the children, playing cards, doing crafts or singing.  Volunteers took the children on an excursion to the nearby pool.


NPH-Bolivia opened in April 2005, with previous accommodations in a rented house outside Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Six siblings, who were abandoned by their mother and a family of five, including an infant, whose mother died in childbirth, were the first children welcomed to the home. Construction at the permanent site called Casa Padre Wasson, began in November 2006. order to further our charitable purposes, FOTOCAN has carried out programs and activities at this home where orphaned and abandoned children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a family environment based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility.

Projects in Bolivia are usually completed in September/October because of the climate. 



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On January 15, 2008 the children and staff moved from the temporary site into their permanent home which now includes eight family-style homes for children and staff, a volunteer's house, a baby house, a clinic and a primary school. In 2011, two pequeños became the home’s first to begin attending university. Sustainable agricultural projects were launched in 2012. A service group, Mi Voz, Se Escucha (“My Voice Is Heard”), organizes activities and helps people in the area. The first Fotocan team travelled to San Ignacio del Sara, Bolivia in October, 2013.





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