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Project Dates

  • No currently-planned projects.
  • If you are interested in participating in a project in this country, please contact the country coordinator.


Past Canadian Projects

  •   2014 project was the Visitors' Casa. 
  •   team members  assisted with various smaller projects in the school, the visitors house, the children's home, the farm and the grounds.
  •   in the evenings the volunteers had the opportunity to spend time with the children, playing   cards, doing crafts or singing. 
  • volunteers took the children on an excursion to the nearby pool.


The Home in Bolivia - Casa Padre William B. Wasson

  • opened in April 2005, with previous accommodations in a rented house outside Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
  • six siblings, who were abandoned by their mother and a family of five, including an infant, whose mother died in childbirth, were the first children welcomed to the home.
  • construction at the permanent site called Casa Padre Wasson, began in November 2006.
  • in order to further our charitable purposes, FOTOCAN has carried out programs and activities at this home 
  • Projects in Bolivia are usually completed in September/October because of the climate. 


 Canadian Country Co-ordinator


           [email protected]






Statistics speak for themselves


  •  January 15, 2008 the children and staff moved from the temporary site into their permanent home which now includes eight family-style homes for children and staff, a volunteer's house, a baby house, a clinic and a primary school.
  • In 2011, two pequeños became the home’s first to begin attending university.
  • Sustainable agricultural projects were launched in 2012.
  • A service group, Mi Voz, Se Escucha (“My Voice Is Heard”), organizes activities and helps people in the area.
  • The first Fotocan team travelled to San Ignacio del Sara, Bolivia in October, 2013.






Bolivian Casas



Traditional Bolivian clothes



Pequenos standing together in shape of a heart






CHildren in Bolivia playing on a playground


inside a casa in Bolivia



Mass in Boliva