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photo of the first letterhead and members of the board of directors


Copy of our first letterhead and members of the Board of Directors

Fr.Wasson securing a young boy's release from prison


The young thief is asked to come live with Fr. Wasson after the priest secures the boy's release

Boardroom for the board of directors


Board meetings usually take place around our boardroom table.

Board members meeting digitally


Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in March of 2020, board meetings were held on virtual platforms

It began in 1954, when a young German-American priest rescued a young boy from jail, who had stolen money from the offerings of Father William Wasson's church. One home for eight homeless boys grew into nine homes in each of nine Latin American countries! They became "Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos", Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters".


Classic NPH international logo


      ... "based on the principles of unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work, and responsibility. "       



                                                         (from the philosophy of Fr. W.B Wasson)


Meanwhile in Canada........



- a Canadian woman named Christina Massey meets Father Wasson in Mexico, and learned of his work with orphans. 


She also discovered that Father wanted some of the older children with aptitude to continue their education beyond high school to learn agriculture, to help manage growing of crops and animals


Christina brings three pequeños to attend the Ontario Agriculture College at the University of Guelph



Christina asks Dr Neal Stoskopf, crop scientist and coordinator of the Agriculture Diploma program at the university, to enrol the Mexican boys.


Dr Stoskopf's wife, Nora, makes sure the young boys are provided with the essentials needed for university life.

Other pequeños followed over the years to study agriculture and veterinary medicine at the U of G


The Stoskopfs meet with Archbishop Joseph  Wilhelm of Kingston,  a classmate of Father Wasson’s   Nora and the archbishop travel to Mexico to meet with Father Bill and visit the orphanage. 


Nora begins the process of establishing a new charity in Canada to support NPH.


Charitable status is granted.  Our Little Brothers and Sisters raises funds and finds godparents  Friends and acquaintances to visit the orphanage during the annual godparent weekend in Mexico, to meet their godchildren. 


1977 to 1993

Nora serves as our Executive Director running the office, coordinating the Board of Directors, and liaising with NPH and USA offices. an unpaid position.


Nora meets Ewald Lammerding, a dairy farmer from Grand Valley Ontario through the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s SHARE program. One pequeño works on the Lammerding farmer. 



Father Wasson visits Nora in Guelph, meets the board members and other volunteers, and visited Ewald and his wife Emma at their farm. 


He wants the home to be self-sufficient in growing food since it is located on a large donated farm in Miacatlan, about 1 ½ hour from Mexico City. 



Ewald Lammerding spends three months in Mexico looking at the operations and providing guidance.  Father Wasson asks Ewald to oversee the farm's operation (1984-86) with Emma helping in the NPH offices in Cuernavaca. 


Ewald continues as NPH farm advisor for 20 years and spends weeks at a time in Mexico, and establishes new homes in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Bolivia.


Photo of Ewald Lammerding, Anna Lammerding, Emma Lammerding, and Reinhart Koehler.


Pictured above is (left to right) Ewald Lammerding, Anna Lammerding (daughter), Emma Lammerding and Reinhart Koehler, chairman of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International Board of Directors

Testament to the Success of a Simple Philosophy


Dr. Michael Maccoby, close friend of Fr. William Wasson and the NPH International Leadership Advisor, explains the philosophy that has made Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos successful for over 65 years. For subtitles in Spanish, click on CC icon.