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In 1999 Father Wasson founded the sixth NPH orphanage in Santa Ana, El Salvador. As with the other NPH homes, his decision was based on the needs of the many neglected and abandoned children. El Salvador is still devastated after their 12-year civil war. The rate of violence and crime is very high and many children became orphans because of the war. As with many of the children in the care of NPH, they have been both verbally and physically abused and have had to live on the streets to survive. 

The current home in El Salvador was completed in 2004 in the town of Texisteque. It is quite large with educational facitlies for preschool through secondary school, clinic, administrative offices, vocational workshops,a large kitchen and dining hall, gardens, farm and homes for boys, girls and babies. Older students live at another home in Santa Ana to prepare for and attend university or technical schools.






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Statistics Speak for Themselves

NPH El Salvador currently takes care of more than 460 children, and every week new children arrive. In December 2004, the last of the buildings in Texistepeque were completed and the family is finally living together again in their new home of Ciudadela Sagrada Familia. The property includes a school, clinic, administrative offices, chapel, vocational workshops, dining room and kitchen; houses for the boys, girls and the babies.

Outside of school hours, the children now have lots of room to play. There are sports courts and grassy fields for games and they can take walks to the river running through the middle of the property, with the tías and tíos. Other extracurricular activities include a very talented choir and dance group; both groups are invited to perform all over the territory for diverse audiences. NPH El Salvador is led by Olegario Campos and his wife, along with over 100 dedicated staff.



Although there are no plans to send Fotocan volunteers to El Salvador in the near future, new sponsorships are always welcome. 


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