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Leaving a Lasting Legacy... learning to love


  Are you a former team member who has been to one of the NPH homes?
     Are you wondering how you can continue to support FOTOCAN if you can't travel?
     Have you been a supporter of ours for many and would like to continue your contributions after you've gone?


   Create a charitable gift now that goes to the organization you love in the future.....


 Canada’s tax regulations do not necessarily diminish what you can leave to your children. You can give money to a charity that you would otherwise give to Canada Revenue Agency in taxes. And if your net income in the year of your death is lower than the amount you give, your executor can claim a rebate against your previous year’s income and add that to your estate.


Our children thank you.
























I would like to discuss setting up and initiating a legacy donation plan 






If you would like to begin a Legacy Donation, add a loved one who has passed and  was involved with FOTOCAN, or make a gift donation in honour of a special occassion, please click here to Donate Now or email [email protected] or call our toll free number listed at the bottom of this page.