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 Canada’s tax regulations do not necessarily diminish what you can leave to your children. You can give money to a charity that you would otherwise give to Canada Revenue Agency in taxes. And if your net income in the year of your death is lower than the amount you give, your executor can claim a rebate against your previous year’s income and add that to your estate.


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JoAnna McCabe was a student from Our Lady of Lourdes in Guelph who joined her peers for a project in Nicaragua in 2015. She was a sensitive and generous young lady with time and attention for any of the pequeños who were lucky enough to have known her. Following her two week volunteer adventure, JoAnna selflessly gave her time after school to help in the Canadian office with whatever task she was given and usually did it with a smile on her face. She was an excellent ambassador for her school and she left quite a footprint on people's hearts.








Julie Patricia Beuker (nee Ruetz) of Mildmay, passed away February 08, 2016. She was 30.

Julie was a team member of a project in Guatemala where she met her husband, Thom. She also brought representatives of FOTOCAN to her former high school in Walkerton, which soon began annual missions to the NPH homes. Both she and Thom continued to support Friends of the Orphans Canada along with her family and their self-owned business, through golf tournaments and regualr donations. A young mother whose life was ended much too early, she is sorely missed by those who were touched by her generous heart.





Michael and Roma Glass 



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