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Sharing and University Fund



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Sharing Fund 


Gifts to the Sharing Fund provide the little extra things that make childhood special. The money is used to give each child a personal gift on his or her birthday and at Christmas. NPH also uses money from this fund to pay for fun and recreational activities, such as excursions to the zoo or the circus, or to buy ice cream or treats for all of the children. The Sharing Fund provides the children with an opportunity to practice sharing with their brothers and sisters, one of the core values of NPH. It prevents the inequity that arises when one child receives gifts from Godparents and another receives none.




University Support


Besides our regular sponsorship, we also want to encourage our “hermanos mayores" to pursue their chosen careers at the post secondary level. There are currently 50 + students in each of our homes who need our financial support to become self-sufficient and contributing members of their societies in a variety of occupations. We ask that you consider making donations toward this cause as a special gesture to celebrate an occasion or remember a friend. Any donation is welcomed and very much appreciated!

Thank you for your kindness, dear volunteers!