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Giving Tuesday 2020

I'm sure everyone will be happy to see 2020 disappear! Only 32 days left and we are staring at the distribution of a vaccine soon. Family gatherings will be pared down with the second wave surge. This has been and will be a year we will look back on with mixed emotions.


In our NPH homes throughout Latin America, 2020 has been more than just COVID - natural disasters and severe depletion of funds which was predicted before the pandemic hit!


Our newest campaign launches tomorrow, Giving Tuesday, December 1, and we are asking for donations so these kids can have the basic necessities for Christmas - not presents- bare necessities in some cases. 


For $21.00 - one time donation


Other ways you can help?

Sponsor a child for $35.00  a month - 100% to the child and a tax receipt

Perhaps a legacy donation.....

Maybe you can't spend for a child or grandchild - consider an amount on behalf of that child!


We sure do appreciate all we have and if we can reach out to those who may not be as lucky.....maybe Christmas  2020 and the dying days of an infamous year will not be so bad afterall!


Joy King at 8:36 PM
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