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The Summer of COVID

After a very relaxing and exhilarating weekend with my grandchildren (first time since March) I am back to work updating after a board meeting last night. How lucky I am to be blessed with health, family and a life taken for granted until this pandemic event. I am fearful however for my Latam families. Not so lucky. Living in hope, yet not knowing what the next day will bring.  We have tried to bridge the destitution with money sporadically sent to individuals and homes in general, personal funds and charity funds to assist. Not enough. Never enough. We continue to count our blessings and try to imagine what is happening thousands of miles away. 


Our summer students are actively working to make more people aware of what we do and how we help. They are reaching out to all ages of North Americans to ask for some small assistance with our efforts. If you are able, please find it in your heart to send something to FOTOCAN for these children - a letter, a card, and more urgently a monetary donation of any amount. We thank you for your support in the past and so appreciate your consideration for the children's future. 


May you and yours be blessed and remain safe in this brand new time in all our lives.

Joy King at 1:47 PM
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