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Christmas 2021 - Without Using the C Word




What an exciting fall for me as I was able to reconnect with our Nicaragua and Mexico homes in person! Now the work has taken a different slant and I am working at home. Sometimes, when the weather permits, I can venture into the Guelph office to ideate with my collegues other new and brilliant ways to support our homes, who are still reeling from this global situation.


Christmas is three weeks away and amid all the prep and firng up, the rush is on. The winter newsletter is out, we have begun to dip our toes into the possibility of stepping into NPH countries in January of 2023, so we are waking up the national directors to see if they are interested in having the Canadians return, all things in place, by next winter. 


I know that the office staff is thrilled that our very wonderful sponsors are feverishly writing to their children at this time with seasons' greetings and I, like all of our sponsors have received the Christmas cards so lovingly fashioned by the godchildren from each home. If you have not yet received yours, they are in the mail this week.


I have also had an opportunity to peruse through the homes' "wish lists" which are available in a centralized location on the internet. Each home submits these lists to be seen by the fund raising offices around the world to specify which projects need financial backing and support for the fiscal year.


For example, there is a project in Nicaragua for funding of university students trying to finish their selected programs, an urgent surgery required for a young man with Pulmonary-Renal Syndrome in Mexico, a request for new bunk beds and cribs for children in Peru and a new tortilla machine desperately needed in Guatemala. (I've seen those kids eat this staple food and believe me, these machines which spit out 80 kilos of tortillas a day can't afford to break down!) The cost for these dozens of projects ranges from $1,000 to $500,000. The variety is astounding and daunting. For the most part, all projects depend upon funding from international sources. 


At Christmas time we are always grateful to those who consistently support these homes through their donations to FOTOCAN. We also want to make our youth aware of the need and so I ask that you consider mentioning our little charity to your children and grandchildren. It always warms my heart when young people from Canada meet up with youth in our homes, through our in-country projects or correspondence by letter or social media.


So, Merry Christmas and Happy New 2022 Year! May you and yours gather safely in the warmth and comfort of each other and enjoy the peace and cheer of the season!


Feliz Navidad and Joyeau Noel!



Joy King at 10:59 AM
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