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I was seriously hoping that this blog would be all about my wonderful six month adventure in Mexico teaching English at the bachillerato in Cuernavaca. Alas, it will not. But my adventure did last 3 months and I loved every minute of it! Just as I was to leave to assist in running a student team to Nicaragua, like, 24 hours before departure, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic and I discovered that El Salvador, where we were supposed to cathch the last leg of our flight, had closed its airport to international arrivals. 


Do you know how difficult it is to feel the sadness of 26 students who have just had their dreams dashed in an instant? Devestating! Unexplicable! But that was March - and April, and May, but now we are coming into June. The Northern hemisphere has reached the other side of the COVID mountain and now the South is raising and/or maintaining the "flat curve". 


I must admit, though, I have not really suffered in this lock down. In fact, I've relished my time alone and have tried to fill my time with projects toward which I  have not been able to give my attention. I watched a lot of documentaries and my share of Netflix and lived a pretty good quarantine existance. I've been keeping up with the NPH gang from mainly Mexico and Nicaragua and I am now worried that although all our children are safe now, the virus is threatening to rage outside. 


Add to this mix the recent events of the US where the death of George Lloyd has sparked another round of racial tensions, perhaps the highest in history. 


So FEAR looms everywhere......


I have discovered meditation and prayer. I follow the scientific teachings of an American doctor named Joe Dispenza who teaches his students to change their lives by finding the divine in themselves. His latest meditation stategy involves meditating as a committee with a meditation he has created called GOLOV-20  (obvious play on words in the title) . With this meditation, I keep calm, positive, motivated and hopeful that things that will obviously change, will do so for the better; in all societies. There has been enough fear - it's time for love.


So although it may be awhile before I get to physically see NPH homes again, life continues. The graduation ceremony for the NPH Mexico home will be held in August instead of July, FOTOCAN board members will continue to meet to discuss a new direction, we may see another wave or two of COVID, and I will continue with GOLOV, including an intention for our donors who have continued to support us in any way during this time.....God bless!

Joy King at 2:42 PM
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