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Trick or Treat!

As the long-regarded traditional holiday approaches and the forecast for my area is SNOW for the "evening of eeries", I am frantically trying to organize the three projects for our return to Nicaragua next year. I'm a little out of practice because following the political unrest of 2018, I had no student teams travelling to Nicaragua.


The "trick" is for me to have everything ready for our farm team in February (we are still recruiting members despite the November 15 deadline) and our student team in March, AND assisting my co-director Steve with his college and university team in May!  My husband along with farm team leader, Andy are off to Nicaragua on November 1 to scope out the job and activities for the winter teams.  Hopefully we will have all the info we need to get things underway!


The "treat" is that I get to see my Nica family again after a two year absence. I'm sure lots has changed and lots needs to be caught up, but to be able to accompany some of the students who were so disappointed when we had to pull out of Nica 19, is a welcome and anticipated pleasure. 


Alas, I am not participating in any Halloween fun - the community I live in does not celebrate Halloween and my children are too old to go out. But I am looking forward to "knocking on the door" of the NPH Nicaragua home and seeing all the children and how they have grown since last I saw them. I can't wait to put my arms around my godchildren, Yuri and Jimmy. One hundred days to go!

Joy King at 3:59 PM
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