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      It's July 2021!


We are getting ready to open up as a country after 16 months of this thing called COVID-19!


Everyone is preparing by getting vaccinated, turning over a new leaf, booking a flight, re-opening a business or arranging get-togethers with family and friends!


We've renovated our web-site!


Since we can't go see our children in the homes, we are setting new tracks for a DIFFERENT approach to finding support for our Latin American children. (not necessarily throwing the baby out with the bathwater, though)


Expanding ideas and growing into a new world!


Oh yes, we've been busy! We know all about Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings!

We have felt the pangs of not being able to visit our pequeños in their homes. And much has changed in their world as well. 


So hopefully we can demonstrate and keep you well-informed of the "new-ness" of the Canadian contingency and connect you with what's happening in each of our countries.


We also welcome some NEW features within our web-site! Soon, you will be able to connect ONLINE with your sponsored child! This is happening throughout our global NPH families!


We also have a new legacy donation program, a Legacy Wall, plans for more adaptation of a corporate sponsorship.......... AND the best part....... resurrecting our projects with the participating countries as early as 2022, once it is safe to do so.


We're thrilled you are here and PLEASE help share our work by liking, posting, sharing, visiting, donating, calling, writing ..........anything to spread the word!


Special thanks to our wonderful support team at REM Solutions, Todd and Shauna, who tirelessly answered my cries for help during the restructure and literally backed me up every time!


Friends of the Orphans 2.0 is about to launch!! 



          The author "launching" baby turtles into the ocean in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua 2019


Joy King at 12:00 PM
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