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Mike Markoff - Our FOTOCAN Friend

Last week, we were shocked by the news of the death of one of our own in the FOTOCAN family. I have not known Mike Markoff for a long time, but I admired and respected him from the moment I met him.  A stern man, private and confident, eminating a  no-holds-barred attitude,  yet gentle with a witty sense of humour. He sat at our board table with authority and a wide knowledge of all that was discussed. I spent time with Mike in Mexico at the celebration of 60 years of Father Wasson's founding of NPH. He kept us in stitches with his amusing stories of his family and introduced me to Peruvian ceviche.  

One of the last times I saw Mike, he showed up to our board meeting with socks on his feet that he promptly propped up on the table, revealing an "inspirational" text sewn into the sole of the socks. I laughed so hard and he actually sent me a pair of the same socks in the mail which I will now treasure as his one and only gift to someone who very much admired him . I know I speak for all our board members when I say we shall miss Mike tremendously - his zeal, his wit, his ideas and his inspiration.  Rest in peace, Mike.....

Joy King at 8:00 PM
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